Why use combined?


Cliches tend to exist because they're consistently true - especially when it comes to real estate. 'As safe as houses'. 'The biggest thing you'll ever do'. Time and time again, these statements are backed up by the stability and popularity of buying property - even as times change, it's still the Australian dream.

Here at Combined Real Estate, we've gotten quite good at making Australians' dreams come true, particularly when those dreams are buying property in Camden and Narellan. This is why we think we're the best at what we do.

Who do we help?

People seek out property for sale in Camden and Narellan for a huge range of reasons. They might want to buy their very first home, move their family out of the city, upsize or downsize so they have the right amount of room, or even invest in Camden property to become a landlord and generate income.

Having started in 1984, we have more than 30 years experience helping home buyers of all shapes and sizes. In fact, we're the longest-established agency in the area, listing more property for sale in Narellan and Camden than any other agency in the area. No matter why you want to buy real estate here, we'll be able to give you exactly what you need.

What sets us apart?

As well as the extensive experience we bring to the table, Combined Real Estate also has a reputation for excellence in both customer service and securing results. Real Estate Business (REB) has named us as one of the top 50 agencies in the entire country for the last three years, while in 2015, Rate My Agent awarded us the title of best agency in all of New South Wales - and third in the country.

But we aren't just recognised on a national scale - we're a fundamental part of the community. In addition to helping people buy property in Camden and Narellan, we work with local businesses, promoting them and making sure everyone knows about the thriving community they become a part of when they move here.

We know the people like the back of our hand, and it helps us showcase just how amazing property in Narellan and Camden is.

Why should you work with us?

We're also incredibly committed to getting the best possible result for you as you look to buy Camden property.

This means we understand the market better than most, and can provide you with accurate snapshots of building values, conditions, and perhaps even growth potential - enough information to suit even the deepest research.

Buying property in Camden is a big decision, and you deserve to have as much stress taken out of the process as possible. We do the bulk of the legwork for you, meeting to find out what your wants and needs are, then giving you plentiful options from property for sale in Narellan and Camden.

With a longer history than anyone else in the area, in-depth market knowledge, more listings, award-winning customer service and a commitment to getting you exactly what you want, we think we're a cut above your regular real estate agency.

But rather than take our word for it at face value, get in touch and come and say hello. We're more than happy to sit down with you and discuss what you're after, with no strings attached. Come and see what we're all about at Combined Real Estate.

What our customers say

"Michelle was professional, knowledgeable and a very nice person. Very positive experience and exceptional service from all involved. Thank you."

Kerry & Mike Nolan

"I think that Combined’s approach is your cutting edge and separates you from other agents."

Bronwyn Munford, Grasmere

"I did not shop around. I used Combined because of several referrals"

Mark Cornhill, Camden South